Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Marketing 101

I am working with local businesses to help them market & promote their businesses with social media platforms!! 

I am also helping new and veteran bloggers with marketing & setting up new blog designs! 

If you are interested please contact me at 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Southern Ya'll | Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! 

Happy Veteran's Day & thank you to all of those who have & are serving our beautiful country. 

Another Seer Sucker type of day! 
My current obsession are my $12 Target sunglasses!! I am in love with floral print right now and these are perfect!! 

The Kids are home from School so I'm working from home today!

I am looking for Charlotte NC Bloggers & Etsy Store owners!! Contact me!!! 

Happy TUESDAY!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Southern Ya'll | Monday

Happy Monday! 

Today starts a new adventure into Everyday Beautiful & it's called, Happy Southern Ya'll! 

Fashion, beauty, DIY, tips/tricks, plain old days. 

It's all going to be here and I am SUPER excited to have ya'll all along for the ride. 

It's that time of the year where the most adorable clothes come out! 

I am all about Fall & Winter clothes. 
I'm way to modest to enjoy the Summer clothes, so I love being able to look great & bundle up at the same time :) 

I picked up two "seer sucker" button down blouses at JCP recently & I am in love! Of course I threw on my pearls & headed to work. 

I have a light pink & blue one. 
I am looking for a sweater to pair with them as well. 

My favorite of the week has been my new red bag!! I am head over heels for this bag & I get so many compliments on it! 

It's HUGE and fits everything I "have to" have in there perfectly. 

I love the color & the amazing detail of flower buttons. 

Goodness it's just precious. 

Counting down the days until Thanksgiving which happens to be my 25th birthday as well!! 

I like to think I'm like fine wine | ha! 

Happy Monday ....

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy THREE Years EB!

Here we are, three years later!

It's been 3 years since I first started Everyday Beautiful & I am so happy to see where it is today!

I remember logging on to Blogger three years ago & there sat another beauty blog I had started two years prior & never did anything to, that's when I knew it was meant to be.

My blog lead to my makeup artistry and has lead to many amazing opportunities.

I am thankful for each one of you who have always been here & the new ladies that have joined <3

I have many new things to come & I am focusing on getting this blog where it needs to be again.

Thank you....

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Favorite Setting Spray??!!

For years I have ALWAYS used my Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray! Always.

I never tried new setting sprays and knew nothing else could be better.

I was wrong.
I picked up the NYX Stay Matte Setting Spray at Target for $6 ... $6!!!!

I thought, why not!? It's $6 and if it's horrible then I've learned to stick with what I know.

Well it was NOT horrible and in fact, I loved the finish it left more than the Bridal Spray by Skindinavia. It's beautiful and soft, it's not to wet and the bottle has the perfect mist size.

I love spraying it on my ELF Kabuki Brush and swiping it on the face, of course I do spray it on like normal also. It's my new favorite and I am so excited to find such a wonderful product in the isle of Target.

This is a photo of Natasha & her fiance, TJ. I used the NYX setting spray on her and I LOVE the finish it left.

New News

  • I ordered the Naked Palette 3, finally. I resisted as long as I could and finally decided to add it to my collection! 
  • I am working as a social media manager for companies and blogs. 
  • I am starting more exciting things with DIY and crafts, I will be posting them on my other blog! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Makeup Artist Week | Day 2

This is an important, HIGHLY IMPORTANT, step in the makeup artistry field. 
I have been asked murmurous times, how I clean my brushes & products. And I always love telling people how proud I am of my sanitary procedures! 

Here are my steps on cleaning my brushes: 

  1. I use one of the following soaps to start: Nuetrogena Rain Bath (I also HIGHLY recommend this for a face wash, it's amazing!) Johnson & Johnson Sensitive Skin Baby soap or my Mario Badescu cleanser. 
  2. I use a warm water (never hot) and soap mixture in a glass vase and let my brushes soak for 3-6 hours. *IMPORTANT: Do NOT let the ferrule (that's the top & bottom metal part of the brush) get wet! So make your water high enough just for the bristle part of the brush to be wet) the soap & water will loosen the glue & you will start to have pieces of brush & bristles. 
  3.  After your hours of soaking, the water will be brown & black... or blue and pink, whatever you like on your face :) 
  4. take the brushes out and rinse them with hot water (as hot as your can stand) & do it fast! 
  5. Next take the soap you used and pour a small amount into your hand, swirl and rinse the brushes in your hand until the water runs clear
  6. let them dry on a flat surface or if you can, downward, this takes 10-14 hours to completely dry
  7. once they are dry, spray them with a rubbing alcohol spray and you're done! 
Cleaning my products: 

  1. I clean my products after every client/wedding, just like my brushes 
  2. taking a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, I lightly spray the products top surface *blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and cream foundations. 
  3. for eye liners and brow pencils, I run a lighter over them & melt off the first layer of product, spray with alcohol & close the lid
  4. Mascaras, I use only 3 times... that's three weddings or three clients... NO one ever is touched with the actual mascara wand! I use disposable wands found at beauty supply stores. IF I have to use the mascara wand, it's a fresh out of the package tube of mascara & they keep the product. 
I wipe all my boxes, bags and cases down with sanitizing wipes & always make sure my products are as clean as I would want them for myself!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Makeup Artist Week | Day 1

Let's start in the beginning... where I first started.

I was writing Everyday Beautiful since November of 2011, in January 2012 I decided to change that up. I contacted a local photographer to see who was the makeup artist for her clients... she didn't have one that she used! This was it for me! That person was Mallory & I still to this day thank her for everything she has helped me with, see her work HERE! 

So she set me up with about 6-8 brides she was working with that year & I did their makeup for free. Yes. Free. It was to build my portfolio but the best part was that those brides I was doing at the beginning, those photos start getting me work ( paid work) for later in the year and into 2013! It was working! Networking & just contact with great venues and companies. I was going to wedding venues and meeting the owners, becoming a preferred vendor at there locations.

It was all happening. Then September came. And it stopped. Wedding season was over & I was only doing MAYBE one wedding a month. This was discouraging and I wanted to walk away. But I didn't and when Spring of 2013 came, I was slammed!!!

Now in 2014 I have been all over North Carolina and met the most amazing ladies and companies.

The point of this post is to tell you, there will be down times, there will be times you are working for free and there will be times you are so frustrated that you are not in NY or Cali working on celebs that you just pitch a fit!

But there are weddings, proms, pageants and more....  there are hugs, tears (which you have to fix after lol) and thank yous. They tell people and those people tell people and it's a cycle.

I love my business, I created, my idea, my name. I love it, like I do my children. I take it very seriously and I'm not one to be pushed into things I don't want to do. Such as discounts because you seen me at the grocery store buying lettuce on Tuesday.

Work hard, work for the happiness of yourself and your clients. Not for the money.

Until tomorrow... where we talk about getting a kit together...

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