Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sephora Haul | April 2015

Happy Wednesday, Earth Day & Secretaries Day!!!

I went to Sephora today to pick up some items for wedding season & decided to try out some NEW products! Can you believe it? I always go for the same things every year but I changed it up this year & so far so great!! Let's get started!

First I went in with a list, which is smart. It's like shopping for healthy food, if it's not on the list DON'T BUY IT!!! 

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette is a God sent for your face! Have you tried this??? First of all the packaging is perfect & so easy for multiple uses in a day. When doing wedding makeup, I reach for the same products multiple times a day, this makes it so easy to contour without single sticks or powders! It's super pigmented & glides on effortlessly! I love the three different shades of contour, it's really a 3 in 1 palette for all skin tones! Amazing! At $49 at Sephora, you're getting 6 amazing shades! I would say that unless you are a makeup artist or like to try different shades of contouring, then this may be a lot of contour colors for one person! 

I was in need of a new eye lash curler, I've used the  ELF ones for years & replaced them so many times! I decided to spend more than $3 on an eye lash curler to see the difference & what result I could get from it! I mostly use lashes on my brides, but I love using a curler to really blend together the real lashes & fake lashes! So I picked up the Tweezerman ProCurl Eye Lash Curler in Rose Gold! 

Moisturizer! My top 3 makeup must haves! 
If you don't moisturize, we can't socialize! :) haha! 

I picked up a delux sample size of the Sephora Instant Moisturizer, I liked the light scent but I couldn't commit to a normal size. It's light & creamy without being greasy! Which is perfect for Spring & Summer! It not only smooths skin but it illuminates the skin! 

 Below is my prep & stay combo! Wedding day makeup normally HAS to last around 5-8 hours! Through kissing, hugging, crying, sweating, dancing, cake & drinks! So I am a primer & setting spray addict! BUT I changed my products this time! I went with the Sephora brand primer because it has the same texture & effect as the Smashbox & Cover FX primers, for half the cost! My first primer I was going to try was the Nars primer, but I honestly did not like the consistency & thought the Sephora one had much better coverage ! And I'm trying out the Makeup Forever Mist & Fix spray! Which so far is doing an amazing, wonderful, absolutely freaking terrific job!!!! 

So like a dumb dumb, I take swatch photos but not product photos, so the left photo belongs to Sephora! Now when I walked in, I tried SIX different eye liners out. I was between the Urban Decay & Sephora brand. And some how Sephora beat UD! I loved the UD one but it never set like I wanted, it was to smudged looking for me & plus the Sephora is water proof which is a plus! 

In the end my Sephora points managed to get me this blinc. mascara that actually creates tubes on your lashes, a lot like the model mascara I was using! 

Gah! We are done. No more photos or words! 

I am really excited to use these products soon & do separate reviews on most of them! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some Serious Sports Action

Happy Tuesday Y'all !!!

Goodness, we are heading into Summer so fast!

But first. We Spring! 

With Spring comes baseball, well TBall for us :) Plus we have horse riding lessons & fun,fun & more fun! Cami has fallen in love with horses & even though we had a scare a few weeks back, she went right back in! Although I am a baseball fan, Cam is more of a basketball player so far but he still has the arm of a pro & smiles so hard as he rounds the bases. 

I'm excited for all of these sports that will come & maybe go. 
Sports that will maybe pave the future for them. 

It's all hard work but it's so worth the time & effort to have them out & having fun! 

Plus it's super fun to shop for their sports clothes & riding gear! 


I can't wait to see what's next for them! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Father Daughter Dance 2015

Every year the kids elementary school holds a Father Daughter Dance for all the girls & their dads!

Our daughter wore her Easter dress and shoes that she loved so much & referred to as "high heels" all the time. She stated that she wouldn't be able to dance a lot because of her "high heels not being dancing shoes"

Adorable, I know!

The night came and with a very VERY (because of daddy's rules) light coat of mascara & lip gloss. They set off for a night of dancing & fun!

Well, what we thought would be dancing and fun. Turned out to be all the dads in the gym, watching their little girls play with friends & talk about boys. 

He did get a dance with her & meet her friends. But she's growing up & I think he realized just how much that night! 

I can't wait for next years & how much she will change each year in these 100's of photos I take! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post #300

300 post, in 3 years.

Not amazing but it's a start.

I have made a decision early this year that changes a few things. My current life consist of my kids, my hubby, school, my marketing job, blogging and my makeup artistry job. We have sports & riding lessons, general activities & school volunteering. All of these things are in my week.

I'm changing things. I want to be more steady & focused on what's really important to me.

After this year, I'm not going to have my makeup artistry. I have loved it & have had a lot of fun with it. But it's not my focus right now. So as I sit here writing about this, making it official a year early. I'm not worried.

This does not come a a surprise to most, I've been planning this for a while now.

I love marketing, I love being the person behind a companies Facebook or Twitter, talking with clients and getting to know people.

I love makeup, I love testing and reviewing makeup on here. I love writing about my kids and things going on. Just life and things that I would want to read.

So after 2015, once I am done with this years weddings. I am hanging the brush up.
I will be blogging about makeup, life, kids, everything. But I will no longer book clients.
I am going to gold with marketing & that's where my path lays as of now.

So here's to post 300 looking at the future of 3,000.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Maybelline + Not Your Mothers What??

So anyone, who has glanced, read or follows me on some type of social media knows that I LOVE Maybelline Fit Me Foundation!
It's my go to, daily foundation that I've always ended up going back to!

It's a love love relationship!
Well Maybelline came out with the Matte + Poreless Fit Me Foundation & oh my goodness.


It's amazing! It's everything I needed in a foundation. I loved the original but this has basically fixed all my skin problems! I'm assuming that I just missed the fact that the original was making me break out about my mouth and within one week of using the Matte + Poreless, it's all cleared up!

Now I have used Maybelline on my clients & I've loved the look in photos. I can't wait to try this out on them!

I'm in shade 120 and it makes my skin look flawless!

  • 10 out of 10 rating
  • $6.99 - $8,99 at drugstores 
  • get it everywhere Maybelline is sold! 
  • or HERE 

Let's talk about hair. Something I know nothing about and never try to act like I do! 

I picked up this sea salt spray to give my hair what I thought would be Pinterest perfect beachy hair! 
Well no, It does for those with hair that's not extremely thick. But for those of us with enough hair for the entire state we live in it doesn't do so much.... 

But I do like the effect it gives and how it makes my hair smell! Ha! 
It does taste like the ocean so be prepared when it gets in your mouth! 

I love the texture it gives my hair & it makes my messy bun 10 times more perfect! I do love the packaging and the spray nozzle is made just right! 

  • 8 out of 10 
  • around $6 
  • Walmart/Target
  • check it out HERE
Upcoming post: Dove Deodorants 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Room 1 Spring Cleaning

I started our Spring Cleaning in the bathroom today!! I used the pink basket that I was using for magazines and it fit perfectly in the drawer! Since it rest on top of the drawer it left space below for our most used bows and combs! Plus room in the back for tall product bottles! 

Next is the kids room and a trip to the donation bins in town!! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Target Dollar Spot

If you live on Earth then you know about the Target Dollar Spot. Items for $1 some $3 but in all, it's amazing and Target knows that we love it & they place it right at the entrance. So your budget is blown in the first few steps.

I have been on a strict no spend limit so picking up a few things from the dollar spot was okay this time!

I was able to pick up some stationary items and these adorable Dr. Seuss Tumblers for the kids!

The quality of the stationary is amazing, and it's usually all just $1. Everything pictured was $1! But unless you are there when they FIRST put out this stuff, it's all messed up and people are hiding things with the dish sponges so they can come back to get extras. You have to dig and you have to really want it!

I'm working on getting my desk arranged and organized so I can start filming again!! Very excited about that!

Lastly these Monday was Dr. Seuss's birthday!!! So the dollar spot is loaded with all types of Dr. Seuss items and they are adorable! I picked up two tumblers for the kids, at $3 and they are amazing quality! 
 I'm working on making home made fruit roll ups today, I'll have that post up this coming week!

Enjoy your Sunday!