Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Too Faced Romantic Eye

Hi Loves!!!

Well I have a new edition to my collection, the Too Faced Romantic Eye Box! I guess this is technically a palette but since it's in box form I called it a box! Anyways, this is a beautiful collection of nine shadows already put into categories so it's great for beginners learning how to put looks together! Too Face threw in fabulous cards, that slide into the lid, that show diagrams of how to use the color categories!  An amazing idea, of course you don't have to use them in the categories they come in! 

So this is the box it comes in, gorgeous packaging like most Too Faced Products. The eye on front actually has on the Classic look category, which is beautiful. Before seeing the palette I knew it would look beautiful as well! 

Some changes were made to this collection of palettes. Too Faced really listened to their customers. A lot of  people complained about the drawer in the previous boxes, making it to bulky and unnecessary. Well they listened and took out the drawer and the applicators the first one came with. So now they went up on price and we lost out on the applicators. So when you complain Too Face listens, and they made a more sleek, more thin box. No matter what this is a wonderful statement piece to have in your collection! 

Once you open up the box, you see the classic eye photo again and the nine glamorous shades. The helpful tutorial cards are located on the lid tucked into the side. Each row is a category containing a highlight, all of lid shades and a out corner/crease shade.

Left to right: Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil

The "Day" row contains, Soulmates which is the highlight, I Do the all over lid shadow and Un-Veil for a outer corner and crease shade! Beautiful combination of colors and all together high pigmented. I like this look for an everyday work look, that could easily turn into a night look by making it a little darker on the corners. 

Left to right:Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance

Classic, which is used on the packaging eye, contains a lovely pink highlight color in Kiss the Bride. Along with the all of lid color, Cut the Cake the light purple shade is paired with a perfect dark purple defining color in First Dance. I believe these colors could be mixed in with the Day row colors to create a magical night time eye. 

Left to right: Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After

Finally we add in some shimmer for a eye fit for the runway. Obviously Too Faced has the same intentions, naming the third row Fashion. Perfect combinations of an ivory white, Bouquet Toss, a fierce gold shimmer for an all over sparkling lid in Honeymoon and lastly add a finishing touch of Ever After. After using these gorgeous shades, I'm betting your night would end, happily "Ever After." 

My thoughts on this palette are completely positive. I can't come up with any bad comments on this one. It's a beautiful and well put together palette, or box as I like to call it. I love the colors and the thought process Too Face put into this and the other Eye Collection Palette (Boxes.) I can't wait to use this for tutorials and these are perfect for a bride. The pigmentation is wonderful, even the lightest shades for the highlights. I will post swatches soon. 

I'm off to put kids to sleep, so no need to have a romantic eye on now but look out for future eye tutorials using the Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection! If you own this palette please send me pictures of your looks! I would love to see them! 

*I have to know what you think about my holiday layout!? I already have my next layout planned but thought this was adorable!*

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  1. I will have to see some EOTD the Too Face palette/box looks very pretty.

  2. Oooo these colors are soo pretty!