Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain Cosmetics review #2

Rain cosmetics is my life line. I have found my new favorites with them and I am so excited to share them with you. I wrote about them before on some products they sent me, which I fell in love with. So I had to order some goodies for my self and to try out! I picked the bag from the Player's Beauty Collection, Essential Makeup Kit also the Undercover Concealer in Master of Disguise . I was certain I had ordered a concealer that was to dark but it works perfectly.

I have been hunting for great concealer and never felt like they did the job. I really like the concealer. It covers blemishes and imperfections so well, I can't say I love how it helps darkness under my eyes but in a way I blame that on me getting the wrong shade. Having a darker shade than I should it doesn't hide and brighten it just hides and dulls. Everyone is tired of me talking about how amazing their packaging is, but they did it again on these concealers! I like how they made the a duo and has a fantastic mirror!

So another favorite of mine, mascara. With the right mascara you can skip false lashes completely! Well hello there perfect mascara! High Rise Mascara to be exact! Now I received a small tube of this is my makeup bag from the Player's Beauty Collection so it's silver not the perfect blue as the normal size tubes! (Shown on right) I was kinda skeptical about this mascara because it's just a normal wand. No special twist and turn or odd spikes on the end. But I have learned, it's not the wand it's the formula! This is a must, I am picking up so many of these because this is the volume and length I want for my clients! I get so excited talking about this mascara because it's truly amazing. I am going to do a video soon on mascaras and I can't wait to show you how fabulous High Rise Mascara is! 

I have both of these items on my Summer giveaway list, I want to share this amazing company with you! I am planning on having a HUGE giveaway where the prizes will be Rain Cosmetics! So be on the look out for that come this Spring/Summer! I have more items to review from my Rain Makeup Bag and will be purchasing more, they have upcoming launches of new products! They were so kind to send me ten catalogs to give to my clients because so many people ask about the company and where to find them!   

I love this company, the people behind it are incredible! Rain is the official sponsor of the Miss USA Pageants and work so closely with their customers! 

So go and check out Rain and be as amazed as I am!

Rain Facebook ( Tell them Tiffany sent you! ) 

Stay Beautiful!
Tiffany Miller

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