Monday, January 23, 2012

Rain Cosmetics

Rain cosmetics is a Las Vegas based company inspired by Vegas itself. Founded in 2008. The gorgeous packaging that had me sold at once and the creative names that will forever remind us of Las Vegas. Rain Cosmetics was kind enough to let me choose five products for review. I have been in contact with Danielle Capps and also Junior Rentaria, who first introduced me to Rain Cosmetics. Both have been so helpful and I have enjoyed all the advice from Junior. Danielle is the Public Relations Director and I have spoken to her also and love the personal connection between the user and the company.

I recently had a practice run with a bride for her upcoming wedding. She was the first to be sporting Rain Cosmetics from my kit! I was so excited, I had to show off this packaging! I told her all about the company and the great people behind it.

 The products I picked out are:

  • Smooth Criminal Face Primer ($24)
  • Glam Lipstick in Stretch Limo ($20)
  • Dive Eye Shadow Quad in Gold ($38)
  • Setting Loose Powder (Translucent) ($24)
  • Glowing Blush in Fantasy ($31)
Now I have to say, the creative names they came up with scream, Vegas and I love it! I never was one to spend the price of high end products, they never sold me enough to really pay so much. Rain Cosmetics is different. It's not just the product but the people behind the product, they actually care and are there to help. I was so excited to use these products on my brides, I didn't use them on myself because I wanted to use this line for clients. After seeing the results, these products will be adding to my personal collection. 

I did test the primer on the back of my hand to see how it came out, at first it dried almost sticky but after trying it again it felt so silky and smooth. The primer has vitamins C and E which helps with age-defying and it great for all skin types. I am in love with this primer and want to by extras soon! A lot of primers have that silicone feel which I like but I feel like it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't really fill in lines and pores. This is my new favorite and I'm so happy to have it for my clients. I know this is an all day primer and that is exactly what I needed. Infused with jojoba and antioxidants. What is jojoba you ask, well it's a shrub from in Arizona, California and Mexico. A desert shrub that produces a oil that give a wax feel and is used a lot in cosmetics for a moisturizer. So now that I am done playing teacher, I would like to tell you how amazing this product works. I can't get over the silk feeling of this primer. It has tiny shimmers in it that cannot be felt but give a glow when light hits them. It has a lotion type scent but isn't over powering or gross at all. 

Let's move on to step four of usual face routines, setting powder. There are three shades on the websites for purchase, Translucent (that I will review) Medium and Tropical. Which basically medium is for light skin and tropical is, well, for that sunned skin shade. Comes with the puff and an easy  to take off sifter for the power. Now my only dislike is how hard it is to get the powder out of the holes. I think it will be easier once it isn't as full but for now I  pour some in the lid and use it that way. It is highly translucent not one of those that leave you with a white glow or layer of odd flesh colored particles. Once it's applied it's gone. Again the lid has the beautiful blue color Rain uses for all the products.  Come with eight grams of product. 

Next up is Blush. Glowing Blush that is, in Fantasy! Accompanied by a mirror and stamped with Rain this is a brides perfect blush. For a light touch of pink or a bold Barbie girl look. I love this and can't wait to pick up the other three shades: Strip Tease, Burlesque and Peepshow. ( Love those names!) Fantasy is the "pinkest" of them, with Strip Tease being more of a dark pink and Peepshow the lightest pink, Burlesque following with the hint of orange of the pinks. Just a pop with a blush brush and you have color. I built this color up, with photographer more is better so you can pick it up in a picture. 

The quads they offer have amazing colors. I picked out Gold to try, and so happy I did. It consist of colors that you don't see that often in palettes. Great for fall but perfect for a romantic bridal look. The Gold Quad includes (from top left to bottom right) Haze, Beso, Crystals and Liquid. In case your not the future wife of a Spanish man like I am, Beso means kiss and is also a restaurant is Hollywood! Beso is my favorite of the colors, it's the burgundy color in the top right. It's also the most pigmented and the only matte color. The others are pigmented but more sheer so you have to build them up! They offer six of quads with tons of color options! 

If you know me well, you know I'm a sucker for packaging for lipstick. You can only imagine my jaw dropping when I saw their Glam Lipsticks! I decided on Stretch Limo to be my review choice and I love it. I believe it to be the definition of the color pink. Another bonus is the packaging acts a mirror and you can use the lid to check on your lips! This matte pink is so pretty and has it's on shine no lip gloss needed. I'm in love with this and it was so hard to make the choice to not add it to my personal collection. I can't wait to get these for myself! Twelve other shades are on the site from other pinks, plums and nudes. Wonderful payoff of color and no drying feeling. 

Hands down, Rain Cosmetics has it going on. The bride I did over the weekend kept the catalog they sent along to order some for herself and I'm so glad. I support this company so much and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to try out these products. I already put in an order for a concealer and the Player's Beauty Collection Essential Makeup Kit in Bag! I can't wait to get them in! I can't wait to do a giveaway with these products because I want you all to try them and love them as much as I do! Check out their site for more information and even a "Get the Look" section to learn how to get the amazing looks from the cosmetics! They also have classes so if you're out in the Las Vegas area check those out! 

Find them here,  on Twitter and Facebook! Tell them Tiffany sent you!!! 

Stay Beautiful!
Tiffany Miller

* I was sent these products for review and did not purchase them with my own money. My opinions are my own and are 100% honest, I was not paid by this company and I am not affiliated with Rain Cosmetics.*


  1. Packaging looks gorgeous, lovely shade of blue- never heard of them before! I'll be sure to check them out. Xxx

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